Most Businesses are “Small Businesses”

Small business is pretty big business.  Now a days is pretty easy to get that small businesses account for the majority of US businesses.  In the United States alone, are 30 million plus small businesses, it’s safe to say hash tag #lifeblood of our economy, hash tag #SB’s.

One major issue for small businesses these days is applying for the capital they need to grow, even stay afloat.  Many think banking institutions commonly, are more likely not to help a small business owner needing a term loan or other financing, despite how favorable they are.

Aura Funding seeks to be the #1 funding source for these business owners.

Connecting Investors and Business Owners

Aura Funding is committed to merchants having the funding they need to build , grow and maintain their businesses, even if you have a lower credit score.  We connect investors and business owners for the best funding deals with low rates.

Nowadays, it’s actually middle class investors who are identical to the business or franchise owners that will assist them reach their entrepreneurial hopes and dreams. Accredited investors  predominately were those allowed to invest in unsecured debt for small businesses.  We have dedicated in house funders who are prepared to look a variety of business situations as an opportunity to successfully assist in the businesses future.

Get The Funding You Need to Get your Business going.

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