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SBA Loans allows your business reliable funding with low rates, keeping your current cash flow secure.

Our SBA Loan deals give business owners the longest terms and lowest rates available.  They are also set on a fixed repayment schedule. 

The minimum requirements: 
At least 2 years in business.  Collateral required should be above $25,000.

Call us to speak today.  We will give you the clarity you need to be ready for your gov’t backed SBA loan application for your small business.


Time To Fund

2 to 4 weeks


From $5K – 350K


5 to 10 years




What exactly is a SBA Loan?

A SBA Loan is a loan that is partially funded by the SBA.  The SBA is the Small Business Administration, a United States government agency that supports entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Is a SBA Loan reliable?

SBA Loans are considered reliable because they are government-backed.  They are also very manageable for borrowers compared to other types of financing.


What can I use the funds for?

Great question.  Like the other financial products we provide, the funds can be used for any business purpose, from working capital to a new location — even marketing and advertising.

“Aura means mulitple option for funding and flexible terms for payback, making the process A – Z a breeze.”

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We have some of the longest terms and lowest rates available.
Real loans and working capital products to help you business plans come to life.
Let Aura’s multiple options and committed funding sources get you the funds you need today.


Aura is a direct funding source, saving you time and money.

Our clients see on average a 25% savings, leaving them with more cash in pocket upon funding.  
Let’s face it, cash flow is king and we realize every bit helps.  
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