There are some industries that are fun and exciting (like a rock star), and others that are dry by nature (accounting or billing).  Each and every industry has its importance in the economy, even if it’s not one that goes viral on social media.

Here’s 3 ways to add some spice to your business and therefore, your industry:

Step Out On A Limb

In this tech forward day and age, there would be nothing wrong with taking a risk and trying out something that hasn’t been attempted in your industry before. We have seen great attention come from people and businesses venture into the great unknown. Even if there is a mishap or two that’s fine, because you’ll soon discover new ways to reach your audience. Taking a risk to see where it goes very well may get you widespread attention and possibly viral! This would be a great time to contact Aura Funding for working capital so you don’t have to dig into your cash flow or savings.

Take A Different
Route From Your Competitors

It’s commonly understood that the majority of entrepreneurs and business owners will take the route that’s tried and true.

You’ve seen this before, too:  A trendsetter-type person does something no one else has, and not too long later, everyone else is doing it too.  Again, in this modern, technological time you don’t have to necessarily stay formal all the time to be considered professional at what you do. If your competitors are using flyers as primary marketing, do a commercial.  Are they on radio a lot? Consider posters or meetups at local hotspots in the community.

Spice Up Your
Content & Incentives

As anyone in marketing will tell you — it’s all in the presentation! Turning a dull looking paper or report into a colorful, exciting infograph is one way you can catch the eye of colleagues and/or audiences, and you can still add the chunk of text from the report at the end or on another page for reference.

Make an effort to create content in different ways not seen in your industry.  Is everyone offering raffle tickets? Start a contest that wins a month or small percentage off, since everyone would appreciate a cut from bills every now and then.

The point is, don’t look at other industries that have easy excitement over their products and services, and then look at yours with dullness. Your industry plays an important role as well, and it’s a matter of looking into how you can be innovative with getting your message across – and gaining new customers too!

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