Business Operations 

Time is a business owner’s most precious resource — it’s much better used running and adding to the business instead of dealing with cash flow crises.  Putting in time and effort maintaining business operations is tough enough; it becomes even more challenging when outgoing bills constantly don’t match up to expected incoming payments from clients.

“Extra working capital on hand gives you space to be able to focus attention on your priorities so you can breathe easy.”

Extra working capital often provides space to be able to give attention to priorities.  Definitely a stess reducer. Aura’s various funding programs gives cashflow while you wait for invoices. Now opportunities that are presented, can be used to your upmost advantage..

Save Money, Save Time

The cost of financing is often inflaed by hidden fees, plus a variety other things not mentioned.  Aura Funding has a complete catalog of products to match your businesses needs.  We’re also direct funders, so we save you money and your precious, time.

Get The Funding You Need to Get your Business going.

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